Activities in 2011

1. A National Workshop on Hydro-Climatic Disasters in Water Resource Management in Bangladesh The workshop was aimed to disseminate the knowledge on the impact of Hydro-Climate Disasters and how to address the problems, issues and concerns A training workshop of 32 participants was conducted. The main issues covered in the workshop were, Introduce the basic elements and principals of IWRM , Introduce participants with Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR): concepts and practices, Identify and discuss the scope of inter-relationship between IWRM and DRR in relation to water related disasters. The main outputs of the tring programs were capacity strengthening of 26 water professionals and practitioners on Hydro-Climatic Disasters in Water Resource Management in Bangladesh and conceptualization of IWRM and its incorporation into water resource management, risk reduction of hydro-climatic disasters. Advancement of knowledge in institutional framework of DRR, humanitarian response and economic of disasters and Strengthening of country network.
2. CapNet Bangladesh Network ManagementTo improve network among different water related research and academic organization.Experience sharing and network management is very essential for the water related issue. That’s why strong network among the water related organization is essential. In this activity improved and strong relation between different organizations is very essential.