Mr. S.M. A. Rashid

Executive Director NGO Forum for Public Health

S.M.A. Rashid is the Executive Director of NGO Forum for Public Health. It is one of the leading WATSAN NGO in Bangladesh being launched as the UN-brainchild in 1982. NGO Forum has been involved as the apex networking and service delivery body of NGOs, CBOs and private sector operators in the WatSan sector of Bangladesh. Over the years it has been contributing to the improvement of Public Health situation by reducing mortality and morbidity, and conserving sound environment. In order to implement its programmes as a process of holistic transformation of the society towards development, the Forum has emphasizingly stepped forward maintaining a perfect balance among WatSan, health and environment. Combining hardware & software supports and networking efforts, NGO Forum materializes its integrated programmes directly and in association with its partners countrywide.