Dr. Ahmadul Hassan

Director R&D division Center for Environmental & Geographic Information Services (CEGIS)

Mr. Ahmadul Hassan obtained Ph.D. from Institute of Water and Flood Management, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He has completed graduation and post graduation from BUET in 1983 and 2002 respectively. Mr. Hassan works in planning related projects for the water sector since the beginning of the 1980ies when he was involved in the Master Plan Organization (MPO) project. Following this experience he became a leading expert in using GIS for spatial planning in water resources management. His modeling and programming experience covers the IWRM models and techniques. He has also been involved in several Arsenic monitoring and mitigation projects and in the preparation of the Third and Fourth Five Year Plans. He is with the FAP19 and EGIS projects since the beginning of the 1990ies and has been a key professional (as Technical Advisor/Senior water resources planner) in developing EGIS’ capacity in hydrology, spatial modeling and application of remote sensing. Together with Prof. Savenije of IHE in the Netherlands, he developed and applied a practical methodology to estimate salt-water intrusion in the lower parts of the estuary. He has developed a trade-off curve between fish and rice and production function for fish and rice production under different water management measures.