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Capacity Building for Integrated Water Resources Management


Cap-Net (Capacity Building for Integrated Water Resources Management) is an international network for capacity building in IWRM Concepts and Principles. The Cap-Net network spans many regions and is made up of a partnership of autonomous international, regional and national institutions and networks committed to capacity building in the water sector. Over the years Cap-Net has expanded to include 3 global, 7 regional and 17 country networks. The main goal of Cap-Net is to:

  • Strengthen and create awareness and clear concept of IWRM through networks at the international, regional and national level.
  • Build capacity across countries and regions through strong networks among professionals in order to properly implement the principles of IWRM. Sustainable management of water resources, and water and sanitation are the main areas of focus for capacity building.
  • Carry out research in Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Use IWRM as a tool for poverty reduction and sustainable development.



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Golam Rabbani
Fellow, Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS),
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